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The first section of this blog is dedicated to the images in the book, “The Coasts of Carolina – seaside to sound country”, by Scott Taylor and Bland Simpson. I will explore one image per week starting with the cover including insights into the photography, the area, and other pix that didn’t make the book but were associated with the image of the week. I will also highlight adventures of a coastal photographer including portraits, weddings, and other fun stuff.

As always…enjoy the view.

Coasts - Willy Phillips

"We made our way back across the Alligator River to the Little Alligator and our coveside camp at Willy and Feather Phillip's Fort Landing home. There Willy's soft-shell crab shedder trays out over the water and his wholesale operation, Full Circle Crab Company, were both high gear and great form." - Bland Simpson,"The Coasts of Carolina".


Coasts - Creek off beaver dam branch, near mackeys

"The small shed-roofed wharf was a place where fishing buddies sat after the boat was tied up and the gear was stowed, to watch dusk fall and to see the night comes on and the gumwoods go black and the creek disappear." - Bland Simpson, Coasts of Carolina


On the other side of the river similar stories will be remembered from times past.


Coasts - Mashoes

If you find yourself passing through Manns Harbor off highway 64 heading towards the outer banks and you enjoy slightly less developed scenery don't cross that bridge to Manteo just yet. Take a left and head north on Mashoes road until the road forks. Take a right, drive real slow, and keep your eyes open. You may just find this fine deck with two comfortable chairs looking towards Manteo in the distance. The road less traveled for sure.


Coasts - Albemarle Sound sunset

I was looking for the perfect sunset over the Albemarle Sound one fine afternoon. Dropping my small kayak into the dark waters of Mackey's Marina I paddled out the narrow waterway towards the sound. I found my spot. Once the sun had set I realized I was in a very small boat in unfamiliar waters and it would be dark soon.



This narrow waterway was my ticket to the sound.



The sun had long gone when I rounded the bend and found the marina once again.


Coasts - Cabin, North Core Banks

If you travel to the coastal town of Atlantic and head to the eastern end of shell road you will find a Morris Marina. There you can catch a ferry to North Core Banks. You may either walk on or take your 4x4 vehicle on these unique boats. Spend the day walking or driving the beach, or perhaps rent a cabin for a day or more. You will enjoy your visit either way. Just be sure to go.



One fine ride.


Heading home.


See you there!

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